Physiotherapy at Wadestown Medical Practice

Donna McKay has been working in her own practice in Nelson and now lives in Wadestown where she is delighted to join a multidisciplinary team and assist the community here. 

Donna has done post graduate work in Sports Medicine, Acupuncture and Professional Supervision. Using clinical Pilates, McKenzie diagnosis and therapy, acupuncture, and her wealth of experience, Donna specializes in injuries that keep recurring and those with a chronic component but enjoys the diversity of a private practice. Donna believes in the importance of each patient being educated about their injury and how to prevent recurrence and that the time is taken to examine any root causes. 

Donna is happy to generate an ACC claim so that you are able to see her directly for both ACC injuries and private consultations.



Initial Consultation Complex

Initial Consultation (1 Issue Only)

Follow Up Consultation Complex

Follow Up Consultation (1 Issue Only)

Home visit






By arrangement






By arrangement

Hours: Wednesdays 3- 5pm, Fridays​ 1 - 5pm

Contact Donna McKay:

Phone: 02102375958