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A serious disease - time to check your vaccinations!

You will have heard in the media about the measles outbreak in Christchurch and now there have been cases in other areas too. The rapid spread is indicative of how contagious measles is.

It is important to make sure that your children's immunisations are done on time. The measles vaccines (MMR) are given at 15 months (but can be given from 12 months) and 4 years.

While our ultimate goal is for everyone to have two doses of MMR, our priority at this time is to have enough vaccine nationwide for those who have not had one dose. One dose of MMR will protect 95% of vaccinated people against measles, so those who have previously been vaccinated are likely to be protected.

If you were born before 1969 you are considered immune, as there was a lot of measles circulating during those years.

If you or your children have not had any measles vaccinations please get in touch with us to make an appointment today (04 473 7248) or email us at reception@wadestownmedical.co.nz.

13th of March, 2019